Scrunchie colour coordinating ideas

Scrunchies are a must have for any wardrobe and a safer option to elastic hair ties for better hair health, less breakage and damage. Here are some ideas on how to colour coordinate the Chris Osure scrunchie to your outfit, no matter what the occasion.

You can match your Chris Osure scrunchie to your clothing. Matching your scrunchie to something worn on the lower half of your body creates a break in the outfit, giving a beautiful symmetry that is easy on the eye. This could mean matching the scrunchie to a skirt, a pair of shorts or trousers, to shoes or even to the hand bag. With a wide selection of scrunchies in the Chris Osure range, your options are limitless.

Try matching the scrunchie pattern to your outfit. For instance, a floral pattern can complement a floral outfit effortlessly and create a picture of perfect harmony. The alternative option is rather than mixing patterns, work with a centre piece and add neutral tones to create the picture perfect look. For example, a plain top with striped trousers, shorts or skirt can be paired with a striped scrunchie to create a beautiful flawless effect.

Wear one tone outfit and add some flare by opting for a different colour scrunchie. A darker tone outfit with a colourful scrunchie can add much needed flare to your outfit and create a stunning look. You can play around with the colour combinations and feel until you get your desired look.

For a more sombre look, try a scrunchie that matches your outfit colour seamlessly. Our black scrunchie with a black or white suit can give the understated elegant look. Alternatively, try matching the scrunchie to your hair colour for that invisible aura of confidence.

You can use the scrunchie as the statement piece with your outfit carefully selected to showcase it to perfection. The Chris Osure yellow meadow scrunchie can be worn with a plain black outfit, making it stand out. For added flare, pair it with the Chris Osure tie, worn either on the wrist, waist or handbag to create an effortless classy look. Explore the Chris Osure couture range for more scrunchie options that can be worn as a statement piece.

When colour coordinating, it is important to stay true to your unique style. There is nothing more alluring than authenticity. We hope these ideas set you on the right path and invite you to browse the Chris Osure scrunchies collection plus other matching products.