Why a scrunchie and not a traditional hair scarf?

It has been asked if scrunchies are bad for your hair. The quick answer is “no” but it is important to remember that not all scrunchies are created equal. A properly made scrunchie is good for your hair.

Here are a few reasons why a properly made scrunchie is a must have for your wardrobe:

It has been reported that traditional hair scarfs can cause headaches. A well designed scrunchie made from the right materials will not cause headaches. There are differences in quality depending on how scrunchies made and the right design will give your hair extra protection.

Traditional hair scarf cause hair damage and breakage. This happens mostly during the detangling process when taking out the scarf. A well designed scrunchie provides an extra layer of protection for your hair with the additional fabric acting as a buffer, minimising hair damage and breakage.

Using barrettes or traditional hair scarf might lead to wear and tear and in extreme cases can lead to balding! Thankfully, a correctly designed and made scrunchie is a safer option for hair health.

It is important to remember not all scrunchies are created equal. A poorly made scrunchie will offer less protection for your hair. Elastics can lead to breakage and can cause headaches. However, a properly made scrunchie uses a wider, natural fibre, braided elastic. This has to be cut to the perfect diameter to provide just the right balance between a firm hold without causing headaches or exacerbating hair breakage.

Scrunchies are a stylish and effortless upgrade to other traditional hair scarfs or clips. A well designed scrunchie will well for both fine hair and thick hair. It should give the right amount of hold for fine hair whilst preventing slippage. If you have thick hair, you might have struggled to find a scrunchie that can hold your hair. A well designed scrunchie should resolve this problem and be able to hold your hair all day.

A Chris Osure scrunchie is carefully crafted and designed to provide the right balance between firmness in securing your hair and gentleness to prevent damage and breakage. It has a snag free, high quality, durable elastic with a firm grip and an easy roll. A Chris Osure scrunchie is a great alternative to regular hair elastics, and has the added benefit of a stylish and effortless upgrade to any look.